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Workplace Skills Training | Certificate


Plan of Study Grid
Fall SemesterCredits
WST 100 Personal Profile and Career Planning 2
WST 101 Managing Your Money 1
WST 102 Intro to Workplace Safety 2
WST 121 Developing a Positive Work Attitude 3
WST 104 Basic Computer Skills 1.5
WST 105 Survival Math 1 5
WST 118 Preparation for Foodsafe 1 1
WST 119 Food Safe Level 1 1 0.5
WST 120 Serving It Right 1 1.0
WST 111 Job Search Techniques 2
Winter Semester
WST 113 Superhost: Foundations of Service Qualit 1 0.5
WST 114 Developing Social Skills for Employment 2.5
WST 115 Interpersonal Skills 2
WST 116 Interacting With Others At Work 1
WST 117 Rights and Responsibilities 2
WST 107 Fieldwork Practice 6
LIT 100 Functional Literacy - Reading Readiness 0
LIT 101 Functional Literacy 101 0
LIT 102 Functional Literacy 102 0
LIT 103 Functional Literacy 103 0
 Total Credits33

Successful completion of WST 105, WST 113, WST 118, WST 119 and WST 120 is not required in order to receive the Workplace Skills Training Certificate.

Literacy classes are self-paced and may be taken in conjunction with or independently of WST.

Functional Literacy instruction is available on a part-time basis. Classes are self-paced and registration is on-going (space permitting).

Students start at LIT 100, LIT 101, LIT 102 or LIT 103 depending on skill level.

Students must possess learning disabilities or multiple barriers to learning that have prevented them from accessing or experiencing success in mainstream courses and must complete an intake interview with the instructor/coordinator to determine readiness and suitability for the program. Assessment requirements for entry include an interview at the college with the program coordinator and/or learning assistance specialist and standard literacy and numeracy assessment measures. Minimum Level Literacy 101 functioning

Please note: Successful completion of WST 105, WST 113, WST 118, WST 119 and WST 120 is not required in order to receive the Workplace Skills Training Certificate. 

Please download and complete the checklist below

Fees Full-time domestic
Full-time: 36 weeks
Tuition: $2,892.60
Student Union Fees:1 $163.92
Extended Health and Dental*: $285.00
Mandatory Fees: $525.60
Total Tuition: $3,867.12
Additional Costs:
Total Program Costs: $4,177.12

Fees are effective as of August 1, 2024 for the 2024/25 academic year.


These fees are term based and may vary due to the length of the program.


Please note that these are approximate costs and may vary depending on courses taken. 

Books may be available in the library or can be purchased second hand.

Financial Aid

You may be able to apply for help to pay your fees. Please come to the College and ask an advisor about financial assistance or funding that may be available.  Be sure to check out the following opportunities:

Career opportunities 

Graduates are prepared for entry-level employment in various industry and retail sectors.