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People Obtaining Workplace Employment Requirements | Certificate


The People Obtaining Workplace Employment Requirements (POWER) Certificate program prepares students for entry into trades training and employment. Students will learn the essential skills required to begin training in trades programming, including trades oriented mathematics and science. They will also learn personal skills in areas of communication, decision making, job search and study skills, common safety requirements, and hand and power tool identification and usage, preparing students for entry into a foundation level trades programs.

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Dates and location

Intake Location
TBD Terrace
  • Recommended Grade 12 or mature student
  • Four credits of English at a Grade 10 level or equivalent
  • Workplace Mathematics 10 (mwpm-10/wpm 10) or higher      
Fees Full-time domestic
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Mandatory Fees
Total Tuition

Trades people will work in a full range of environmental conditions: from shops to remote sites where inclement weather can be a factor. Shift work is common. Good physical condition is important because the work often requires considerable standing, bending, crawling, lifting, climbing and more.