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Parts and Warehousing | Foundation


Details below and also refer to the ITA documents at:

Overview of Warehouse Operations
Communications & Comprehensive Skills
Warehouse Safety Skills
Basic Handling Operations & Procedures
Material Handling & Package Equipment
Information Technology Warehousing

Note: Students must take an ITA Certification of Qualification (C of Q) Exam.  Students must achieve 70% or higher to pass the program and qualify to write the C of Q


Grade 12 OR Mature Student.
Four credits of English at a grade 10 level or equivalent AND Workplace Mathematics 10 (MWPM-10/WPM 10) or higher.

Fees Domestic International
Full Time 20 weeks 20 weeks
Tuition $2,056.60 $8,739.80
Fees $679.60 $728.20
Student Union Fees $87.28 $87.28
Medical Insurance N/A $304.73
Total Tuition $2,823.48 $9,860.01
Books and Supplies $200 $200
Total Program Cost $3.023.48 $10,060.01

Fees are effective August 1, 2022 for the 2022/23 academic year.

Career opportunities 

Upon successful completion of the Parts and Warehousing Foundations program students will be able to safely enter into the Parts and Warehousing field and demonstrate safety work practices, use basic skills and understand the basic  principles needed begin their apprenticeship in the Parts and Warehousing Field. Students that successfully complete this program will receive Technical Training credit towards the Level 1 Industry Training Authority Parts and Warehousing 1 credential along with 300 Work Based Training Hours.