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Office Careers Essentials | Certificate


Office Careers Essentials

For the individual that is starting their career, returning to the workforce after an absence, wanting a career change or needing to refresh their office employment skills, the Office Careers Essentials Program (OFCE) is the place to start. Trained office workers carry out duties to support an office or a business.  The 15-week certificate program is designed as a basic office skills refresher or as a conduit to prepare for new employment in an entry-level position.

The program focuses on general office skills including developing spreadsheets, drafting correspondence, and maintaining databases and bookkeeping applications. Graduates of this program will be proficient in computer applications and will demonstrate abilities in critical thinking, personal and interpersonal skills. Participants will also demonstrate self-confidence and professionalism in the workplace.

Upon successful completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Exemplify the essential role that office staff have in any work environment.
  • Demonstrate appropriate telephone etiquette through dealing with difficult callers and navigating internal & external directories.
  • Apply effective electronic and paper filing and organizational systems.
  • Demonstrate how to order, organize and maintain an inventory of office supplies.
  • Confidently apply necessary troubleshooting techniques to scanners, printers, copiers, shredders, fax machines, and label makers.  
  • Confidently handle petty cash.
  • Produce electronic and paper calendars to book appointments & scheduling.
  • Adopt professional etiquette for an office/business work environment by displaying a positive attitude, actively participating in activities, and respectfully interacting with fellow students, faculty and employers. 

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 Dates and locations

Intake Location
Pending Funding , Please contact WTCS to express your interest Terrace Campus
OFCE 100General Office Skills2
OFCE 105Key Boarding1
OFCE 110Critical Thinking2
OFCE 115Computer Applications 1 (introductory)4
OFCE 120Computer Applications 2 (intermediate)4
OFCE 125Bookkeeping Basics4
OFCE 130Personal Development3
OFCE 135Communication Development3
OFCE 140Communicating With Technology3
OFCE 145Job Search Techniques2
OFCE 150Workplace Experience Placement2
Total Credits30
  • Grade 12 or mature student
  • English 10 or equivalent
  • Math 10 or equivalent

Students interested in taking individual courses should contact the program coordinator.

Students interested in taking more than two courses will be required to apply to the program.

Fees Domestic International
Full time 30 credits 30 credits
Tuition $7,575.95 $7,575.95
Mandatory Fees $240.00 $290.88
Student Union Fees $109.28 $109.28
Extended Health and Dental* $285.00 $602.04
Total Tuition Cost $8,210.23 $8,578.15
Books / Supplies $500.00 $500.00
Total Program Cost $8,710.23 $9,078.15

Costs may vary depending on courses taken. Tuition effective August 1, 2024 for the 2024/25 academic year.

Career opportunities

Office workers are in high demand in a wide variety of roles and environments. All companies or small businesses need staff that look after the administrative tasks.

This program is for those coming right out of high school that want to improve their computer or bookkeeping skills or individuals looking to return to the workforce after an absence but require updated applied office skills to improve their employment opportunities. For those people that want to change careers, the Office Essential Skills Program could be an attractive option to take to enhance their applied skills. 

Entry-level office workers can be responsible for duties such as data entry, record keeping, note-taking, bookkeeping, greeting customers and guests, scheduling of work, appointments, events, responding to phone calls, emails as well as face-to-face customer service. Examples of jobs that graduates of this program may consider working at include:

  • Insurance agencies offices
  • Medical or dental workplaces
  • Entry-level government, hospital or educational institutions
  • Real estate offices
  • Retail sales companies
  • Any office within a company may be a prospective employer!

As office workers become more skilled, they become valued and trusted leaders to manage the day-to-day operations of entire offices or teams of people, making sure the company’s daily operations run smoothly.