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Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) | Apprenticeship


Level 1

Line AWork Practices
Line BTrade Science
Line CUse Tools
Line FCut, Fit, and Frabricate

Level 2

Line BTrade Science
Line DLubricants, Seals, and Bearings
Line EInstall Equipment
Line FCut Fit and Fabricate
Line HService Power Transmissions
Line IService Fluid Power

Level 3

Line EInstall Equipment
Line HService Power Transmisisons
Line IService Fluid Power
Line KService Pumps
Line LService Material Handling Systems

Level 4

Line AWork Practices
Line BTrade Science
Line EInstall Equipment
Line GMaintain Prime Movers
Line I Service Fluid Power
Line JService Compressors
Line MOperational Equipment Effectiveness

Students entering Millwright Apprenticeship classes must be registered as an apprentice and submit a Trades Worker Identification (TWID) # upon registration.

Complete a CMTN Bursary Application [PDF]

Fees Domestic International
Full Time: 7 Weeks 7 Weeks
Tuition: $562.45 $2,390.29
Student Union Fees: $54.64 $54.64
Mandatory Fees: $160.79 $186.08
Health Insurance: N/A $317.04
Total Tuition and Fees: $777.88 $2,948.08
Tools and Supplies $600.00 $600.00
Required PPE $425.00 $425.00
Total Program Cost: $1,802.88 $3,973.05

Fees are effective as of August 1, 2024 for the 2024/25 academic year.

Books & supplies

Books are available at the CMTN Campus Store. Please check your local campus for details.

Fees outlined include the following mandatory items:

  • C.S.A. approved safety footwear (WorkSafeBC regulations)
  • Gloves
  • Tools
  • Classroom supplies (Pencils, pens, eraser, ruler, 2 three-ring binders, paper and a scientific calculator)
  • Appropriate clothing

Career opportunities 

Journeyman millwrights find employment in construction, maintenance, machine shops and stock keeping and sales. They are employed in manufacturing, processing, construction and entertainment industries. Their duties include a variety of skills required for other trades. Millwrights, therefore, make good candidates for promotion to supervisory and superintendent positions.