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Automotive Service Technician | Apprenticeship


Students entering apprenticeship classes must be registered as an apprentice with the Industry Training Authority (ITA) and provide a Trades Worker Identification (TWID) number upon application. Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship Technical Training levels must be completed in order starting with Level 1 and ending at Level 4. Applicants must have successfully completed the previous level of technical training to qualify for the next level.

Complete a CMTN Bursary Application [PDF]

Apprentice Levels - program fees

Fees Domestic International
Full-time: 7 Weeks 7 Weeks
Tuition: $562.45 $2,390.29
Student Union Fees: 1 $54.64 $54.64
Mandatory Fees:1 $160.79 $186.08
Health Insurance: N/A $317.04
Tuition and Mandatory Fee Total: $777.88 $2,948.05
Additional Costs
Books (Online Material) & Supplies $400 $400
Required PPE $425 $425
Estimated Program Total: $1,602.88 $3,773.05

Fees are effective as of August 1, 2024 for the 2024/25 academic year.

1. These fees are term based and may vary due to the length of the program.

2. Please note that these are approximate costs and may vary.

Books & supplies

Books are available at the CMTN Campus Store. Please check your local campus for details.

Tool kits are available for student use throughout the duration of the program and can be signed out at the Toolcrib at the beginning of the program. Tool kits are limited and reserved for students enrolled in specific Trades programs only. Tool kits do not include the required PPE and Supplies. 

In addition to the fees outlined in the Program Fees section, the following additional costs apply:

  • Purchase of necessary learning resources (available at the CMTN Campus Store)
  • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Safety Glasses (Clear lens ONLY) X 2
    • Welding Gloves X 2
    • CSA Approved Steel toe boots
    • Coveralls X 2
  • Classroom Supplies
  • Appropriate clothing
  •  Laptop computer (purchase externally)