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NURS 220

NURS 220 Extended Clinical Practicum I
5 Credits

This practicum provides the opportunity for consolidated clinical nursing practice with adults who have health problems. This course builds on previous clinical practice with the adult and occurs in various settings in Northern BC. The focus of this course is an extended medical-surgical clinical practice over a 5 week period. Students will care for stable adult clients during scheduled shifts of varying durations. Students will have the opportunity to consolidate their assessment skills; provide holistic care to an increasing number of clients; gain proficiency in previously covered psychomotor skills; increase organization and prioritization skills; integrate previous learning from other courses in the program; increase use of current resources including professional journals; demonstrate critical thinking skills; practice with cultural safety; and expand professional collaboration with clients, families, and the health care team.

NURS 201, NURS 203, NURS 205, NURS 210, NURS 211, BIOL 220, BIOL 221 and BIOL 222 with a minimum GPA of 2.0

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