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NURS 205

NURS 205 Intro to First Nations Health
3 Credits

Provides an overview of First Nations health, factors influencing health status, and issues arising from Northern and remote living. Historical events and their impact on health are introduced. Current barriers to health, along with culturally sensitive nursing implications, are explored. This course provides an overview of Indigenous health and the factors influencing health status among Indigenous peoples, particularly those living in Northern and remote regions. Current barriers to health and culturally sensitive nursing implications are explored in the context of historically significant events such as the legacy of residential school, colonization, and trauma. Students will discuss aspects of health related to Indigenous groups such as poverty, women's health, mental health issues, and traditional healing approaches as well as the effects of the social determinants of health. The meaning of health and healing from an Indigenous perspective will be explored and diverse Indigenous healing practices on promoting, maintaining, and regaining health will be included. Integration of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's calls to action are discussed throughout the course. This course uses the term Indigenous, which includes the First Nations, Métis and Inuit people of Canada.

ANTH 102

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