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NURS 203

NURS 203 Health Promotion in Families
3 Credits

Introduces theory related to diverse families across the lifespan within the context of primary health care in Northern populations. Emphasis is on family assessment skills and working in partnership with families in the development of health promotion and illness and injury prevention strategies. Holistic care of diverse families during transitions such as normal childbearing, childrearing, and caring to an elderly parent is included. Family focused nursing is an important aspect of providing fundamental nursing care to diverse populations. This course provides students with opportunity to deepen their understanding of family as client. Topics to be introduced during this course include family theories regarding structure, systems and development as well as application of the nursing process as it applies to the family unit. Emphasis will be placed on building collaborative, helping relationships, working with families as partners, utilizing family assessment models, health promotion, disease and injury prevention and the determinants of health.

Take NURS-101, NURS-102, BIOL-131 and BIOL-132

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