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NURS 201

NURS 201 Intro to Health Assessment
4 Credits

Introduction to Health Assessment provides the?basis to gather a health history and to assess the?functioning of individuals through the proper use?of physical examination techniques. Psychological?and cultural assessment is included. The emphasis?is on recognition and identification of normal?findings. Recognition and identification of common?variations for generally healthy people and?selected abnormal findings will be introduced. In?the past twenty years, nurses have been required?to utilize more advanced assessment skills in?varied practice settings. As health care becomes?increasingly complex, the ability to solve nursing?problems, be it at an institution or in a clients?home, is paramount to providing good care.?The student will learn the principles and?techniques of obtaining vital signs, using?assessment equipment, and carrying out inspection,?palpation, percussion, and auscultation in the?context of body systems. The ability to perform?physical examination techniques with competence?will be acquired through the lab component of this?course. The foundation of an assessment, the?health history, and ways to assess an individual?s?cultural perspective and psychological status will?be addressed.?The text serves as a foundation and reference book?for learning about health assessment. The workbook?helps students test their retention and help?learners focus on key concepts. The workbook?glossary assists students develop their?understanding of vocabulary. The study guide and?review questions assist students in identifying?areas in which further study is needed. Clinical?objectives, instructions, and guidelines for?documenting assessment data assists students?practice implementing assessment skills. Classroom?and lab activities will be more valuable when?students read (and re-read as needed) the textbook?and complete the workbook.

NURS 101/102 and BIOL 131/132

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