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MATH 046

MATH 046 Business & Technical Mathematics Advance
4 Credits

The goal of Advanced Business/Technical Mathematics is to provide the student with practical applications useful in future vocational training, careers, or personal life. The student will complete three core topics (Operations with Real Numbers, First Degree Equations and Inequalities, and Equations and their Graphs) and must then complete three of eight optional topics (Consumer Mathematics, Finance, Data Analysis, Measurement, Geometry, Trigonometry, Systems of Equations, or Data Analysis II). The first three options are designed for a student with an interest in business, and the next three for a student who is planning to enter a trades course, but they can be studied in any combination and in any order. This course can be used as the Math requirement for the B.C. Adult Graduation Diploma.

Math 0301/0302 or equivalent, or placement at the advanced level

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