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HIST 201

HIST 201 Imperialism From the Mid-19th Century
3 Credits

In this course, learners will investigate the origins and socio-political implications of empire building by European countries and the U.S.A. This will include reviewing major theoretical perspectives, general policies, and individual events to explain two world wars, societal changes, and the relations between developed and underdeveloped nation-states, and between colonizers and colonized peoples around the world, including in Canada. Learners will be challenged to think critically about historical representations of colonizers and those who were colonized, and about the intergenerational effects of colonization and decolonization. Whenever possible, this course will focus on the First Nations groups within the College region: the Ts'msyen, Haida, Nisga'a, Haisla, Gitxsan, and Witsuwit'en, and will invite Elders and Knowledge Holders from these Nations to share their knowledge and expertise of European contact and settlement.

English Studies 12, English First Peoples 12 or equivalent

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