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ENGR 122

ENGR 122 Engineering Design and Sustainability
2 Credits

Design the future! Continuing from ENGR 121, this course expands on student's understanding of engineering design as applied to larger, more self-directed projects. Examples of First Nations resource management and systems designs will be explored. Students, working in groups, will follow a structured process to design a system comprising of electrical, mechanical, and software sub-systems over the term. Students will complete one major project through several milestone stages with associated technical reporting (including a final paper in both oral and written form). Technical Writing is to be taken co-currently with ENGR 122 to develop student's technical writing skills in parallel to their project work. This course includes an introduction to the concept of sustainability and its impact on engineering design and an exposure to engineering ethics. ENGR 122 is a requirement for all students planning to complete the Common Engineering Curriculum.

ENGR 121, MATH 101, CPSC 123; minimum grade C;

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