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ENGL 151

ENGL 151 Technical Writing I
3 Credits

English 151 incorporates Coast Mountain College's focus on experiential place-based learning. "Experiential learning means engaging with learners in direct experience and focused reflection to increase knowledge, develop skills, clarify values and develop people's capacity to contribute to their communities. Place-based learning connects classroom to learning from, about, in, and for the local environment, cultures, history, economy and politics." ( Following the principles of experiential place-based education, English 151 is designed to introduce students to the skills involved in the production of documents related to the workplace. Students will be presented with a variety of real-world writing challenges; students will reflect on the possible solutions to these challenges, think abstractly about approaches to these challenges, and apply their new knowledge to produce professional documents. Significant emphasis is placed on the student's use and adaptation of model documents in order to develop a wide variety of useful and relevant work-related material. The course has a capstone project: students may work with a local service organization, First Nation's organization, church, or non-profit to develop a grant application, and present the results of their work.

English Studies 12, English First Peoples 12 or equivalent

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