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ENGL 057

ENGL 057 Provincial Professional English
7.5 Credits

This Provincial Professional level English course prepares students for entry into academic and vocational programs that require an English 12 equivalent. It includes instruction and practice in critical listening, speaking, reading, and writing; planning, writing, and revision of essays; study skills; and clarity and coherency of written ideas. Professional forms of communication-memos, brochures, fact sheets, proposals, summaries, oral reports, and both informal and formal reports-will be discussed, practiced, and created. Although this course studies grammar from English as a Second Language perspective, it is also appropriate for native speakers of English who need to improve their grammar skills. Along with lectures, tutorials, and online work, students will participate in activities to better understand Canadian culture and the cultural distinctiveness of First Peoples.

Take ENGL 11 or equivalent; or IELTS overall score between 5.0 and 6.6. Working knowledge of word processing and computer functions recommended.

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