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EDCP 020

EDCP 020 Education and Career Planning
2.5 Credits

The participants in this course will be meeting the learning outcomes by completing projects that pertain to their lives. They will need time, in varying quantities, to achieve these goals and projects. Participants will need to be willing to look at their lives critically and be motivated to change in order to achieve these objectives. They will be facilitated and supported in their decision-making; however, students' success will not be contingent on an actual change in behaviour. The decisions they make will not be judged or rated, but they will be analyzed and discussed. For example: to stop or not to stop smoking. A participant may decide he/she wants to keep smoking. That is his/her decision, but the group will discuss the pros and cons of such decisions. The participants will learn where and how to get the information they need to make informed decisions for this course and for their lives. Each participant will be encouraged to use whatever methods to attain information that he/she is most comfortable with, depending on learning style, literacy level and personality. Participants must have control and power to make the decisions for this course, and for their lives.

English 010

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