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CHEM 190

CHEM 190 Chemistry of Brewing
3 Credits

This course is an overview of the chemistry involved in the brewing, packaging, and taste of beer. An introduction to the history of beer making around the world will be reviewed. Beer's role in different cultures as well as its effects on human health will be covered. Next, the ingredients that make up beer will be discussed with a focus on when they are added and what effect they play in the final product. General principles of the chemistry of beer-making will be discussed for all steps of the brewing process. The chemical changes that occur during milling, mashing, wort separation, boiling, hopping, and chilling will be explained using principles that are presented in class. The process of fermentation will be reviewed in detail. Additional topics include the chemistry of flavour, beer styles, foam, haze, and stability. The importance of packaging and presentation of beer will be included. (3,0,0)

English 12 or equivalent

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