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CHEM 121

CHEM 121 Principles of Chemistry I
3 Credits

Designed for students with grade 12 chemistry and mathematics. A working knowledge of stoichiometry and other basic algebraic and chemistry skills is assumed. In CHEM 121, four topics will be covered in depth. The first two topics deal with the microscopic description of the natural world as it relates to chemistry. In particular, in the first topic, atomic structure, relations between the electronic structure of atoms and the periodic table are discussed while in the second topic, this electronic structure is applied to structure and chemical bonding in molecules. The last two topics deal with some aspects of macroscopic chemistry. In the third topic is a discussion of the phases or states of matter, namely, gases, liquids and solids, while the fourth topic, inorganic chemistry, is a description of the properties and reactions of metals and non-metals. (3,3,0)

Take MATH-101,Chemistry 12 and Principles of Math 12; or Pre-Calculus 12

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