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ACE 134

ACE 134 Fishes of the Pacific Northwest Rearing
3 Credits

This course will introduce students to the ecology, physiology, life cycles, migration characteristics, identification traits, fisheries and management practices for key fish species that are harvested in commercial, recreational and Aboriginal fisheries in Northwest British Columbia, with particular emphasis on the different species of Pacific salmon. This course will outline key identifying characteristics of salmon, trout and key non-salmonid species, including groundfish, Pacific herring, and eulachon. This course will cover in-field enumeration and biological sampling techniques for salmon and other fish species. During the field component of this course, students will observe and participate in fisheries research projects coordinated by local conservation, government and First Nations organizations.

ENGL 10 or ENGL 030 and Principles of Math 10, Precalculus 10 or MATH 0301/0302

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